The Mermaids of Atlantis

This was an illustration I did for one of the Kickstarter rewards for our game Orion’s Odyssey.  It features the three mermaid characters from the game, Minerva, Siren, and Penelope.

Hands On! Tangrams OST

This is the album art I did for the Hands On! Tangrams soundtrack when we released it as one of our Kickstarter rewards for its spiritual successor, Orion’s Odyssey.

Amiibo Mod – Skyward Sword Zelda

  Smash Bros. Zelda Amiibo figure modded to represent Zelda’s Skyward Sword design.  This is my second Amiibo mod, and the first one that was a little more complex than a repaint.  See comparisons with the original untouched figure in the gallery below.

Fan Art – Dana Scully

  My first time playing around with Mischief.  And since I’ve been on this big X-Files kick (for the past 21 years), I decided to use Scully as my subject matter.  Based on her look from the 2nd movie.

Post-Mortem: Hands On! Tangrams (Nintendo DS)

Hands On! Tangrams (2008 – 2009) Overview: Hands On! Tangrams was my first published game project, developed by Island Officials and published by Storm City Games. It is a Nintendo DS game based on Chinese tangram puzzles, where the player must arrange a series of seven shapes in order to form a picture. It is […]